Equity Equity Broking

We are one of India’s oldest service providers in the equity broking segment. We are a retail centric stock broking house. We have 200 Authorised Persons/franchisee and more than 20000 clients. We have a competent team of skilled and experienced professionals to serve your requirements. We offer our clients convenience of trading through online as well as offline channels.
Derivative Broking

Trading in Derivatives offers excellent opportunities to minimize risk and are becoming an integral part of any investment portfolio as a means to hedge risk in volatile markets.

  • Ability to hedge risk
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Effective in price discovery
  • Create Arbitrage opportunities
  • Futures can be traded for more than one trading session
  • Multiple pay off possibilities
Equity Commodity Broking

Commodity markets offer excellent opportunities to diversify the portfolio. The commodity markets are not highly affected by the equity markets and are easier to understand since price movements depend on demand and supply. We offer trading and investment services in metals, crude oil and agri-commodities.
Depository Services

A demat account has been made mandatory for traders and investors. It offers convenience to clients in trading activities. We offer our clients Depository Services with regular and on-demand account reports.

  • Low Chargesk
  • Quick Transfer
  • Increased Lliquidity
  • Auto Credit
Equity Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

MTF is a facility offered by Broker to their customers to buy stocks with minimum required margin and hold the stocks for long time by maintaining the required margin. This product is available only for Group 1 securities as per MTF guidelines. Margin requirement is different for different scrips. No separate DEMAT account required.

Margin trading facility is not available for Derivative segment. It is available only for Cash segment.

  • Client can carry equity cash delivery position by maintaining minimum margin only. The margin can be in the form of stocks or cash.
  • Longer holding period
  • MTF debit – Normal trading will not be affected
Dividend will be credited to client’s ledger or trading account.

Interest will be charged on the total debit amount in your trading account. In case if you have sufficient credit under normal segment to cover margin trading debit, no interest will be charged to you.

If client do not maintain sufficient margin then he/she will not be allowed to buy any securities under Margin Trading Facility.

In case margin falls below the minimum required margin, SSBPL will make a Margin Call and the position will be liquidated. SSBPL will go ahead and liquidate the securities if client fail to meet the margin call made or if client fail to transfer funds. Margin call/ liquidation can be made at any point of time when margins are not in place.

There are no separate brokerage charges. Charges remain same as applicable currently.

Limits are given against client stocks as collateral limits and client can use this limits for Margin Trading. As soon as client square off the position, his/her limits would be released and further fresh positions can be created. Eligible stocks are automatically considered as collateral for availing limits.

Transaction Summary will be mailed to the clients. Separate ledger will be maintained for Margin trading as per SEBI regulations.

Margin trading in client account will not get blocked till the time client maintain minimum margin as per requirements.

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